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Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by Randomunicorns, Feb 11, 2013.

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    hi, Im getting a red bearded dragon that is 1 year old and comes with his 20 gallon tank, heat pad, light, and a rock. I'm getting it because its cheep and i love reptiles. I have stuff from my leopard gecko that he doesnt use (branches, food and water bowls) I'm going to probably ask my grandpa to make me a bigger tank for the beardie because i know he will get much much much bigger.. I get that the temperatures need to be pretty high and he should have UVB light source. I have read like crazy on these animals and im going to be buying EVERYTHING on my own adding up to over $200 (im 13) i need to know how do i make a homemade hide for free (i use toilet paper rolls for my leo) and if my house averages 70 degrees farenheight how many watts would be suitable to keep his tank nice and warm? :) basically anyother information you can tell me would be great to know:) thanks!!

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    Hello, randomunicorns, and welcome to the boards! It's great that you have done a lot of research before getting this guy. We always like to hear that. I'll try and hit your basic questions really quickly and I'll give you some more detail on care if you'd like upon request--just let me know! =)

    I guess that depends on what supplies you already have available. If you have anyone who does woodworking, they could probably make you a little hide box pretty easily. Just avoid pine and cedar wood. If you have any medium sized flower pots, you could use one of those turned on it's side. You can even use an opaque plastic container turned on it's side (but I wouldn't put this directly under the heat lamp...because I'm paranoid). You might be able to use a cardboard box as long as it's very secure, but this won't last long for sanitary reasons.

    In a 20 gallon I'd start with a 100w and see how that works. Make sure you have some kind of rheostat or dimming switch on your lamp so you can adjust the output as needed. Also, make sure you are using either a temp gun or a digital thermometer with probe to get your temperature readings. These are very important for your beardie's health so it's essential that you are getting the most accurate reading of surface temperature that you can.

    I'll also randomly throw you this link before I run off: It's a great resource for knowing what to feed your beardie.

    And while I'm at it: covers UVB in a pretty simple manner. If the people you're getting the beardie from are keeping a year old dragon in a 20 gallon and it still *fits,* I can only assume they haven't been providing UVB...very sad. =(

    Like I said, I can provide more detailed care info if you'd like, I just didn't want to bore you if you've already done a lot of research. But please feel free to ask any questions you have, and make sure to update with pics when you get your new guy!
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    Dittoing Cammy above, it is definitely worrisome that he's a year old and still living in a 20 gallon. :( Typically they're about full grown by that age. He'll need good UVB exposure and consistent feeding to help him bulk up to his proper size! Poor little bub...

    The hiding cave in my beardie's enclosure is made of styrofoam, with grout all over it to 1) seal in the styrofoam and 2) to help file his nails down a bit if he clambers up the rough side (the basking area itself is smooth for laying on). Not sure what materials you have access to, and this is probably less likely than what Cammy suggested to be laying around the house, but I thought I'd add it as an option anyway. is a "Do It Yourself" forum, wherein someone has surely discussed what you're looking for, if you want even more input.

    Did you bring beardie home yet?

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