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    Hello Everyone,

    By popular demand we have enabled a new Live Chat feature, and will be removing the old, IRC based chat that the site has used in the past. You will no longer be able to access the old IRC chat through the tab on the website. This new chat feature has been active for some time now, but all of the kinks are finally worked out!

    The new Chatroom behaves much like our standard "Facebook Style" private chats. For those unfamiliar with these chat boxes, there is a chat toolbar on the bottom of the window that shows "Who's Online" in the bottom right. Clicking a user's name allows a private chat window to pop up, and private chat between 2 members can occur. The actual Chatroom behaves in this manner, but can allow conversation between more than just two members.

    To enter the Chatroom: Simply click the "Chatrooms" button on the toolbar on the bottom Left of your viewing window. We have a standard room for members to join called "Reptile Boards Chat." Simply join this room and you are in! You can view the specific members within the room once you have joined.

    We cannot guarantee someone will always be available in the chatroom, but we will try to be on as much as possible. I'll be updating this thread with anything new, and we will try to get schedule some official times in order to get as many people on at the same time as possible. Most likely in the evenings of a weeknight or two.

    Standard forum rules apply - Misbehavior in the Chatroom can lead to infractions on the forums. Moderators have the ability to ban you from chat. Regular, random conversation is perfectly acceptable, but any questions receive full priority in the room. If a member has a question : please cease any side conversation and look to help that member out withe questions and herps.

    Please let us know if you have difficulty joining, or have any questions!

    Also - you may only be able to view the ReptileRooms toolbar with chatroom and private chat if you have your layout settings on default.

    I'll try to get pictures up to demonstrate how to access it as well for those who have difficulty. It's very easy to find and join. Anyone familiar with facebook will have no problem navigating things = )

    Locations of Chatrooms on the Toolbar.

    Open Chatroom:

    IMPORTANT! Selecting "POP OUT" is a very useful tool when browsing the forum and chatting, it allows the chat window to be opened in another tab.

    PS: Sorry Dogking, missed your "Smile" in the snapshot. Only got Cammy's =D lol!
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    Yay! This is so exciting : ) I'm glad all the kinks are finally straightened out.
  3. lizardgurl87

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    Cool, haven't used chat much, but looks better and I'll try to start using it more now :)
  4. яowan.ω

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    I'll try it out. :p Thanks~

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Also wanted to note: The chat saves the last 4 lines of text that were said prior to entering. Even if you come into the room and no one is active or in the room, you'll see the last 4 lines of text that were discussed prior to their exit.

    You can see how many users are in the room prior to entering, and see who specifically is in the room once you enter on the right side of the chat. Obviously, if no one is the roomat that time, no one will respond to your texts... lol

    I'd like to work out a time where we can all meet regularly still, along with sporatic, random chats at any time when users causally pass by. Feel free to give input on when you are free here or drop me a line of times that would work best for you. I'll try to organize ~2hr block or time on a day (or days) to plan to meet. No obligation, but I'll try to be active during this time and be sure to have someone in the room to help or chat = )
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