normal for tail to be different colour than body?

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by Phaedra, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Phaedra

    Phaedra Embryo

    Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if it is normal for the tail to be a different colour than the body. At first I thought maybe they were just shedding at different times but Linc has gone through 2 sheds now and it still looks like his tail belongs on a different dragon! lol (Other than that he is doing wonderfully and eating like a pig! :lol:
  2. bruno

    bruno Moderator

    If you could post a picture, it would help a lot.
  3. MimC

    MimC Moderator

    A picture would definately help to determine if this is normal or not.

    I have seen some dragons whose tails are darker, or a different shade than the rest of their body.
  4. Ryan1990

    Ryan1990 Embryo

    A picture would help but my beardies tail use to be a different colour aswell. Is the tail really dark grey/black colour?
    I'm sure I've heard this could indicate your bearded dragon is in pain or has some form of injury/illness.
  5. Daggerlover

    Daggerlover Embryo

    A very noticable dark tail can indicate stress.
    My beardie's tail is slightly darker than her body; so I'm sure a slight color variation is normal.
  6. Phaedra

    Phaedra Embryo

    Thanks, guys. Sorry, I don't have a picture. It isn't black or that dark, it's more just a different shade than the body. Looks healthy....must just be his colouring.
  7. Yea its probably normal, cause my beardie's tail is slightly faded in color compared to his torso.
  8. Lennifer

    Lennifer Embryo

    Hello! Drago's tail has always looked a bit darker, especially when he was a bit younger. I was concerned @ first & posted pics but everyone said it was normal. He is over a year old now & is doing great. Below is a photo I took of Drago's tail just to ease your mind a bit.


  9. just wondering, but you said he was over a year old?

    He looks kinda small for over a year, i thought they were full grown by like a year and a half or so? cause my beardie is about that big and he is like 6 months old i think.
  10. easternwind

    easternwind Embryo

    As long as its not black and dry, that means his tail will fall off. But it would be better to get a closeup. How does it feel? Tough?
  11. Phaedra

    Phaedra Embryo

    Thanks so much for posting that pic of Drago! Linc's doesn't look like that though. His tail is not that dark, and the colour change starts exactly at the base of his tail where the torso ends. There is a distinct line, not a gradual colour change.
  12. Phaedra

    Phaedra Embryo

    ....It feels totally normal.
  13. Lennifer

    Lennifer Embryo

    Wearantfree420 - I said he is over a year old now but that pic was taken when he was younger (as I stated above) because I was worried about it & took the pic to post on the forums. I saved this pic in my computer file so that when other people ask about this issue, I can show them this pic. I can see how it might have been confusing as I stated that I had taken the pic to ease Phaedra's mind! lol! What I meant to say is a pic, incase this is what your beardie looks ease your mind! lol. Also, I didn't think he looked that small in the pic...he is longer then the comb laying on my bed & the comb is almost a foot long. I beleive Drago was around 5 months in this pic.
    Phaedra, is their any way u can post of pic of his tail for us?

  14. ahh alright i didn't know you took that pic when he was 5 months.

    yea mine is about 5 or 6 months and is just a tad bit bigger than that, he is missing like 1/3 of his tail but he is a fat beardie.
  15. Phaedra

    Phaedra Embryo

    Hey guys,

    I got a pic of Linc's tail but can't upload it.....says it's too big. How do I make it smaller??
  16. If you use it resizes pictures when you upload them and gives you all the tags for it.

    The one you want to use for the forums is the IMG tag.
  17. Phaedra

    Phaedra Embryo

    Thanks, wearentfree420! Here goes...

  18. Phaedra

    Phaedra Embryo

    It worked! It worked! :blink:
    Boy, you guys are in trouble now... I'm going to be uploading pics of him on here all the time! lol
  19. Phaedra

    Phaedra Embryo

    Here's one more of the tail for good measure... :blink:

  20. Phaedra

    Phaedra Embryo

    Well, after all that, I just heard back from the breeder and he thinks that the tail and body are just shedding at different times (apparently a common thing) so they never look the same colour. Sounds like a reasonable explanation to me!

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