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Discussion in 'Anoles' started by hobotramp, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. hobotramp

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    Well, Hobo has taken to watching me when I'm on the computer now. After I sit down, she walks over to the front of her enclosure and sits staring at me for minutes at a time.:cool:
    Booly is getting to be beige a little more often, but still stressed a fair bit. We've been able to allow some of the folder between enclosures to be moved so they can see each other if they want to. The other night they were both checking each other out... rubbing their noses up and down the enclosure glass across from where the other was... very cute to see.:eek: No dewlap flaring or dark brown either!
    Hobo is swelling up again and still no sign of the last egg. I guess we'll just hope for the best and that it hatches in her enclosure. :) We'll be watching for it. We marked the approximate day we think she laid it so we can be sure not to clean the enclosure before the possible hatch date. We should be okay after the 40 days right? We planned on cleaning everything top to bottom once every month, but we don't want to risk disturbing an egg!:(
    Booly is growing very quickly now that he has a regular supply of food. We got an acurate measure a couple of days ago (5" for both of them). He was smaller than Hobo when we found him almost 2 weeks ago.:eek:
    Just wanted to let everyone know that things are going relatively well here. Let you know more about the eggs when we know more (Hobo isn't telling when or where she's laying the eggs!):eek:

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  3. Axe

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    lol, best of luck hunting out eggs in the future :)

    I know what you mean about them watching you though... Myst's right here in the tank next to my PC. She's absolutely obsessed with me.

    She sits there watching me all day perched on top of her log, lol.

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  5. Camillo

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    Same here. Cammy's getting really explorative of her surroundings. Yesterday, she started to glance around at what is outside her cage. She watched me the entire time I was in here. Dezzy was sleeping, methinks. That or just didn't wanna be bothered. Either way.

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