Pictures of snakes :3 (pic heavy)

Discussion in 'Photos & Photography' started by geckolover22, May 10, 2012.

  1. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member

    a cute lil rattler who rattled her tail at me snake snake snake 002.JPG blood python snake snake snake 003.JPG big ol gopher snake snake snake 006.JPG lil mountain kingsnake snake snake snake 011.JPG rubber boa snake snake snake 012.JPG and he had lots of ball pythons :3 snake snake snake 017.JPG snake snake snake 014.JPG snake snake snake 013.JPG

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  2. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    Nice! Where'd you go?
  3. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member

    My dads friend house. He's the one i get most my reptiles from :3 He breeds all different kinds.
  4. Louie

    Louie Member

    Nice snakes. Years ago I looked for over a yr on every site and emailed countless online places looking for a rubber boa but never found one.

    I imagine he got his directly at a show?

    Those BP are well fed.
  5. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member

    the rubber boas are wild caught >.>
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  6. Louie

    Louie Member

    Oh I see. If you ever get the chance could you ask him what temps he keeps his RB at and does it eat pinkies ?

  7. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member

    i asked :3 he told me room temperature and yes they're fed pinkies
  8. theayahuascan

    theayahuascan New Member

    those are beautiful snakes i especially like the gopher snake i have one thats nine foot she is my baby ive had her for years.
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  9. geckolover22

    geckolover22 Well-Known Member

    They all are amazing :3 i had a baby gopher snake as a pet before less than a foot lol

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