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Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by GeckoLover13, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. GeckoLover13

    GeckoLover13 Embryo

    COuld you guys post pictures of your leo cage. So i could see how i should set it up?? The more pictures the better :)

    This thread is listed as a reference link in the caresheet shopping list. Please keep the posts on topic and succinct so that people looking for inspiration for their cages don't have to look thru pages of comments to see all the pics.
    Thanks! --Spot
  2. Kendergirl

    Kendergirl Embryo

    Here's one of mine. It's a 10g. I'm working on a gecko tower....but that'll be a few months before it's done.

    This was made with slate, and a good deal of silicone. Everything except the back wall is removable.
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  3. Melinda

    Melinda Embryo

    Mine are works in progress. The baby's tank(the one with the blue hide) isn't going to get much more because he's going in a bigger tank when he gets bigger. Taylor's tank needs more but I'm still trying to decide what I actually want more of. But still, they have what they need.


  4. pinknink

    pinknink Embryo

    Kender thats ace! how long did that take to build?
  5. KLiK

    KLiK Member

    thats so awsome! thats definatly not a 10g lol
  6. trudy

    trudy Embryo

    After seeing Kendergirl's set-up, I now see the beauty of the tall, skinny 29 gallon aquarium. My question is this: How do you maintain the temps in all those levels. Do you have several thermostats? Do you have temp probes on every level? Where is the humid hide? It's supposed to be on the warm side, right?
  7. Here is Wazoos tank. Its a 40 gallon.
  8. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    Hmm, maybe I should make better use of the space in my 29g. I think I'm going to change things a bit.
  9. brado

    brado Embryo

    Wow kender, that's pretty awsome! You sure that's a 10g? :)

    Here's my 10g:
  10. GeckoLover13

    GeckoLover13 Embryo

    Kool . can i see some pictures of the heating also???
  11. TrillionX

    TrillionX Embryo

    kender girl i love yours!! one question: are the stoneslabs glued together in some way? or are they stacked?
  12. a_j130

    a_j130 Embryo

    Heres Dukes Tank!
  13. MintyHippo

    MintyHippo Embryo

    kender how much and how long did it take thats just awsome!
  14. Blinga04

    Blinga04 Embryo

    slate is cheap, you can get a stack of it for 5 bucks at local hardware store.. i don't recommend setting it up like he did if your a beginner looking for ideas on a tank, it will be too hard to properly maintain temps... for more experienced, i'm sure it's fine and pretty easy.. looks damn cool though, good job
  15. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    I was going to say, all that in a 10g?? I love the levels, Kendergirl. My 29g has so much wasted space. I need to go rock hunting this weekend!
  16. GeckoLover13

    GeckoLover13 Embryo

    Oh thats cool... I think im going to buy some repti carppet today...
  17. Kendergirl

    Kendergirl Embryo

    Wow....I didn't expect such a responce!! I'll try to answer all Q's. It’s most definitely a 10g.

    It took maybe 10 hours stretched over 4 days to build. Cut tile, see if it fits, glue, wait, cut more tile….you get the idea. It was about $25.00 in supplies. Everything is either glued together, or gets support from something glued to something else. It’s pretty complicated, but very sturdy. Not your beginner project! LOL

    You can BARELY see the humid hide in the back right corner. It’s made from clear plastic, and it’s not reflecting because it’s in deep shadow. He loves it in that corner…but spends more time ON TOP of the humid hide then he does inside it. There is about a 2” gap between the top of the humid hide and the top floor.

    As for heating, it was a concern so there are actually 2 UTHs running. The first is being used underneath the tank as usual…and it cover roughly ½ the tank (right side). The second one is a small COBRA brand heat mat that is sealed and safe for use in the tank (when done right)….that one heats a small part of the top floor. Forget what you hear about the whole tile heating up….only the spot directly over the pad is heated…the rest of the stone stays a few degrees over room temperatures.

    I don’t have several probes running for the thermostat…just one near the bottom for the big UTH works fine for me. The smaller mat stays a couple degrees warmer then the bottom one….and Gilean goes between them at will. He’ll lay in the warmer spot right after a meal, the slightly cooler one when he’s just hanging out. I check all them temps in my cage (all over) about once a week with a temp gun - I love those things!!

    The grand total for the tank is: 1Humid hide, 2 Warm Hides (3 if you count the space above the humid hide), 2 cool hides, 3 plants (now down to 2), 1 water bowl, 1 calcium dish, l mealworm bowl (not in pic), 2 UTHs (1 large, 1 small), 1 florescent light (not UV), 1 thermostat, and one very happy gecko!!!

    Levels are a great way to get more use out of the space you have. Just remember that the more you put in there, the more you have to take out for cleaning, and getting to your gecko.
  18. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    Wow, it looks huge for a 10 gallon!!!
  19. GeckoLover13

    GeckoLover13 Embryo

    Yeah it does look huge for a 10 gallon.
  20. riac7

    riac7 Embryo

    hey peeps, really really nice setups... am really curious.. how you people clean up the ****/urine afterwards? and yah for reptile mat how much does they cost around there?

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