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Discussion in 'Archived Posts' started by CheriS, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. CheriS

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    I've received some questions via PM and E-Mail from several people. I will answer them here on this thread in case others have the same questions.

    Please also place bids on this thread, or send them to me via PM.


    Hi Cheri!
    It's wonderful that Randy is donating for the auction. It a win-win situation.

    A couple of questions-
    1- Do you have the beardie right now or is it at Randy's in Huntington Beach? Where will the beardie be shipped from to the winner?

    2- will the delivery take place immediately after the end of the auction?

    3-At his size, can he be housed in the adult size enclosure or does he need a smaller transition cage. I have a 20 gallon tank (I think that ones too small for him), and a big one - something like 2'x3.5' floor space

    Thanks for the info and I hope you get a great response!

    The dragon has been with us for 6 weeks, so he has already handled a change in enviroments well and is eating good. He also has been checked by our vet her Dr Carolyn Kohn in Sarasota.

    He will be shipped from here to wherever he is to go when the new owner decides and providing the temps are not below 45 F. The heat pack will work well until that point.

    He could go into a larger tank (providing there are not other dragons in it... they would think he was a snack). He is in a 30 Gallon long now with a MegaRay UVB heat light, hammock and stairstep basking cave. On shelfliner and paper towel substrate.

    He is very calm and loves people, a wonderful young dragon.

  2. CheriS

    CheriS Is well known here

    Can you please tell me how I can bid for this Dragon and what the bid is up to?

    Either bid by emailing me or PM'ing me from the website. We post the current bid on him on the site on his own thread. Current bid is $20

    We also allow bidding on this thread if anyone wants to
  3. does winning bidder pay shipping costs?
  4. CheriS

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    If he is shipped, yes. Shipping will be overnight next day air, a.m. delivery.
    He can also be picked up or we will meet someone in Florida to deliver him
  5. CheriS

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    $50 so far, what a steal for this baby!
  6. Will you ship to Canada?
  7. CheriS

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    Sorry, but no, we ship products international, but not animals. Also, I would not want to trust weather conditions this time of year and will not ship national to some areas when the temps are below 45F
  8. hey cheris, still at $50??
  9. CheriS

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    NO, actually I just got a bid in email for $51 LOL
  10. JaxDragons

    JaxDragons Embryo

    Ill bump it up to 65$, ive got some killer hets that would love to throw w/ that stud.

  11. CheriS

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    LOL, he's just a baby, not a stud yet, although when you check him, there is no doubt he is male. Our vet checked him out yesterday and she was floored when she did... he is a good one to teach people to sex them from and she had all the tech come in and see, it is VERY obvious!
  12. BoyntonStylez

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  13. kephy

    kephy Moderator Staff Member

    Now we're seeing some action! :D
  14. CheriS

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    LOL yeah, several people have emailed us for more info and I think are waiting to see what happens later... shold be fun around 10 PM.

    We are getting some more pictures of him today, I was hoping he would complete the shed he is in by now, but only his head and face have just shed, the rest of him is cloudy.
  15. kephy

    kephy Moderator Staff Member

    I learned quickly about that on ebay. I always wait until the last 5 minutes before bidding. ;)
  16. AlphaDragon

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    Well since he is in Shed let me put up some pics of his sis!

    Well Cheri I believe these guys look almost identical. Please correct me if I am wrong. Hopefully this helps a bit. Go Patriots!!!



    Cheri feel free to post her pics where ever. Good luck bidding everyone!!

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Wow! Boy do I wish I could bid, we just dont have the room and my parents would kill me if we got another. He's deinetly one of the pertiest dragons I've ever seen!

    Whats the bid at now Cheri?
  18. CheriS

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    That may make at mess at 10 pm ;) We had a program that does bids we tried once and it was terrible... if someone was posting at the same time, it locked someone out.... what a mess that was..... 3 people were bidding at the same time and two got locked out.

    We decided not to try that again.
  19. CheriS

    CheriS Is well known here

    Very much like that Randy, Axe is uploading some pic we took today since his head shed... we will upload some of the body too..... but it is so cloudy from the shed.
  20. InTheBlue

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    I bid $100 :wink: .... 3 sheds in 6 weeks? Wow.....
    I'll check back in a bit!
    Robert Wood

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