Reptile-Safe Paint and Natural Viv Questions

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    Hiya all, I'm considering getting a frilled dragon in the semi-near future and I have some questions. I plan on building the enclosure out of PVC boards, which if you don't know it's white. Because of this, I thought that'd it would be kind of an eye-sore no matter how I decorate the enclosure. Sooo, what about paint? Is there any paint that will tolerate moisture and not poison my animal? I plan on painting like a rainforest canopy of sorts in the enclosure (even though I'm well aware they're more from a seasonally dry forest type of habitat). I can try something else if there isn't any, but I just thought I'd be a nice touch.

    Also, I'm going to have a drainage layer to the enclosure since I plan on planting a ficus tree, ferns, and some moss in there. I don't want the PVC board to be constantly exposed to moisture (even though it's advertised to be mostly water-proof). If I place a tarp at the bottom to keep the moisture from constantly seeping into the board, will this be a fine setup in the long run?

    Also one last question:
    How big of a problem is mold going to be in this setup? There won't be a huge ton of humidity in the enclosure all the time (I'm going to set up a diy misting system that'll bring the humidity up to 70% for a short time before I allow it to dry out a little, and so repeat). Mold is the stuff of nightmares for me, and I'd really appreciate any input of how to prevent this pest from taking root in my enclosure.

    Any input is appreciated, negative or positive, and thank you in advance for taking the time to help me :)

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