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  1. CheriS

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    ReptileRooms - Live Reptile Chat Rules

    RESPECT OTHERS: Do not talk when someone is in the live chat seeking help, let those qualified respond to questions and do not contribute to confusion by multiple conversations going on in the screen. When someone is seeking help and you want to chat with someone else, you can use PM's or the room LOBBY, just type /j #LOBBY and it will take you there

    ASKING FOR HELP: If no one responds right away, please understand that although some people are always in there, they are not always watching the screen or at their computers. Many check back and forth during the day or need time to read and answer you. One of the things people helping others complain about most is the person left befroe they could respond. If no one responds in a few minutes, you can do one of three (3) things:
    • A. Try again later
      ...B. Post your email address, someone will respond to you by email when they return
      ...C. Post your quesiton on the forums dealing with that species[/size]

      • LANGUAGE & CONDUCT: Any language or actions of an inappropiate nature that would be considered X-rated are strickly prohibited and the person doing so will be removed and banned. We are adults so normal language and the occassional jokes are allowed, but graphic type or chat that the majority of people would find offense are not.

        BOTS:No bots in the rooms without advance permisson.

        SPAMMING, ADVERTIZING OR INVITES: These are not allowed by you or others to you. If invited to join another room or told to go to another site and register while in there, please let us know, we do not allow spamming or advertizing on this site or in the chat rooms. This is for your own protection also.

        REPORTING A PROBLEM:If another user on the chat acts inappropiated to you in any way, contact the site administrator or another moderator/OP (the people with the @ before their names and let us know... even if another moderator or OP.
  2. midgetmunky13

    midgetmunky13 Embryo

    shouldn't the don't tell someone to "Google it" rule apply to the live chat too? just a suggestion.
  3. RobertII

    RobertII Embryo

    Glad this is finally posted :)
  4. CheriS

    CheriS Is well known here

    midgetmunkey, I have never seen anyone tell someone else to google it in there. if it ever became an issue, we would add it to the rules, but I do not see much sense in loading down the list with rules that are not a problem or ever have been
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