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    hello i have recently purchased a savannah monitor. she is about 7inches long. she's very active. i'm curious if feeding her adult dubia cockroaches is safe or will it cause impaction? ive tried mealworms, superworms, boiled eggs and various fruits and veggies but she had no interest in them. the only thing i can get her to eat is dubia roaches and i've just started a colony about a week ago, so i have no tiny ones to feed her. she ate an adult one yesterday which it looked like she had some trouble so i cut it in 3. she had no interest in the parts that weren't moving.

    Is it safe to feed her the adult dubia coackroaches?
    do they actually chew the insect or few bites and swollow?

    thank you for your time :)
  2. Cuckoo Reptiles

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    Your sav should be fine devouring that roach! Impaction isn't going to happen like that. Let her eat it!

    Ask me more questions.. I love to answer!
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    I have a savannah about 4 months old. He eats crickets, superworms, fuzzies, cooked chicken. I hand feed him the chicken and superworms, so he's spoiled but will chase the live fuzzies and crickets. Dubia roaches are one of the best foods for them . I am in florida so I would probably be arrested for breeding roaches. As I understand a florida man was arrested for trying to have some mailed to him for his monitor. Try a live mouse or rat once in a while too. Lots of controversy about whether they are good for them or not. It's fine. They dont digest the fur easily so you don't want to give them a rat more than once every other week. Until they are much larger of course

    I I have a 4 month old sav. He's about 7 inches long. Likes crickets. Loves super worms. He actually is quite spoiled now and doesn't hunt. He likes to be hand fed. I use tweezers. Long tweezers. Dubia roaches are one of the best foods for them so if that's all she will eat. Fabulous. My sav, Sampson likes mice. Good exercise for him to chase them too. Alot of controversy about feeding them rats. It's because they don't digest the fur well. But they do digest it. I feed him one large mouse a month. As he gets older will probably give him 2 every other week. Again. Yours loves the roaches. Great thing. I am in florida. So I wouldn't invite a roach into my house. I understand a florida man was arrested for trying to have dubia roaches mailed to him for his sav. So I don't bother with them. Can't stand them anyway. I also understand that the dubia is the one roach that won't infest the home like the German and such. I'd be careful anyway. Try a fuzzy. I think he'll like it. At this size only one a month.. they also like cooked chicken. Again. Not too much of thst. Although you say yours is very sctive. Chicken packs on pounds that are harder to burn. But they love it so it's a nice treat. Never raw meat. Roaches, red worms, superworms great feeding. Dust crickets with vitamin supplement. Try feeding him worms with thevtweezers. They burrow quickly and your monitor might not like hunting for them. Mine wont. Hope this helps
    When I feed mine rat he eats it whole. Like a snake does

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