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    So, I've just heard of this and I'm sure a few others already have, but it sorta sucks! They're banning yellow anacondas, burmese pythons, and african rock pythons from the US. There are a few others they're considering banning also-such as other kinds of anacondas and boa constrictors-and it's all mostly since people don't realise how big they get and can't handle them, so they let them go! That angers me-you should always be prepared for and animal when you have it, they should make them get a license to own the bigger ones, but make it so people can still have them! I'm pretty sure if you have one now, you can keep it, but importation and transportation is now banned(or will be soon). I see their reasoning fine-if they are put in the wild it is an issue:for the snake and the environment!, but if people weren't so irresponsible this wouldn't happen! :mad:
    Well, here's a link to the story:
    I hope this doesn't lead to more being banned! :( and maybe it will teach people to be more responsible. Though, they can still be sold-just not transported across state lines, there won't be as many of them here and I'm sure the prices for them will go way up! :confused:
    Sorry for the rant, just expressing my feelings on the matter :) and I wanted everyone to be informed.
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    Yeah, I heard about it too, this morning. I'm wondering how its going to effect my other neighbor[ different neighbor that I just mentioned that sells Zoo med] that breeds Burmese! He also breeds other snakes and tortoises.
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    That's cool!(that he breeds them)and is it a differen't neighbor, so you have one on either side that is into reptiles? :D and I'm not sure, they should still let them be bred I think, since no more will be able to come in from differen't countries now...but, in the article it said something about not being able to transport at least their reproductive assets and no hybrids of them either.
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    This is a transportation ban--the species have been added to the Lacey Act's list of Injurious Species. This species will no longer be able to be imported, or transported across State lines. (Yes, this means if you own one, and you move to a different State, you cannot take it with you). It will still be legal to own, breed, and sell these animals within the State you live in, so long as it's not against State law to do so.
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    that law is so full of bs
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