Snake eye problems?

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Cookie17, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Cookie17

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    As some of you may know, I have gotten into snakes as well as other reptiles. I have had snakes for nearly a year now all of them ball pythons. I now have 6. One of them is an adult female I brought home on dec 7th from a semi-local pet store. They have a good reputation and when I brought her home she looked fine. Today I noticed her eye looked funny. It almost looked like stuck shed but she has not shed since I got her. When I tried to remove it to see if it was a stuck eyecap it moved but did not come off. It looks like blood vessels burst and the eye exploded
  2. Cookie17

    Cookie17 HOTM Winner June

    Help please!
  3. geckolover22

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    That doesn't sound good at all :( vet asap would probably be recommended. Any pics?
  4. Cookie17

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    I have a picture but I'm on my sisters phone as I currently don't have Internet but it won't let me upload it from here :( if you look up on Facebook my name is Krissy cookie kretchmer I will make the picture public album is called my snakes
  5. StikyPaws312

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    I see all of the leo eye photos.... no snake eye photos though... But from what you are describing I would suggest a vet asap.
  6. Cookie17

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    Here is the link to the photo...
    I believe she was scratched by a rat. before I got her, she was fed live. so that is what i fed her. I watch them until they have killed the rat, but I turned my back for a split second to yell at my sister's dog, and then i saw her eye when i went to take the rat out because she wasn't eating. I plan on switching all my snakes that are fed live over to prekilled... hopefully they'll make the transition easily...

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