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Discussion in 'Tokay Geckos' started by HMWH, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. HMWH

    HMWH Embryo

    so my tokays tail fell off, when i was moving him, to clean his cage

    what geckos tails grow back?
  2. carlpunto

    carlpunto Embryo

    it will grow back but only shorter and fatter and a little bit ugly. The tail will make him look like he is doing a Poo for the rest of his life.

    When my geckos tail fell off, he looked so ugly i threw him out of the window. Just buy another one, they only cost a $40 bucks!!!!!
  3. jamesjenkins

    jamesjenkins Embryo

    That is a pathetic attitude! How would you like it if you hand an arm or leg amputated and you got 'thrown away'????!!!
  4. carlpunto

    carlpunto Embryo

    Look i paid good money for that ungrateful thing and then he went and lost its tail and it looked horrible and i dont like horrible thins so i just threw it away and got a new one.

    What is wrong with buying a new one. Im a good person and i deserve good pets only, not spasticated ones!!!!
  5. jamesjenkins

    jamesjenkins Embryo

    But when you get an animal, you get it because you want to care for it, so it shouldnt matter if it looses its tail you should still be willing to look after it. If my gecko lost its tail i wouldnt get rid of it if someone paid me too!!!
  6. carlpunto

    carlpunto Embryo

    but they are not even human so they dont feel pain or love or anything, they are stupid and i only bought it to do tricks!!!!
  7. jamesjenkins

    jamesjenkins Embryo

    Yes they do feel pain- THEY ARE A LIVING CREATURE
  8. Spot

    Spot Embryo

    Y'know Carlpunto, geckos don't lose their tail for nothing. Did it ever occur to u that u may have contributed to it?? I hope u take better care and feel a sense of responsibility to your new one.
    Also, the next time u feel like throwing away another animal like a used toy, do me a favor and take it to a local herp rescue or even a pet shop. They will be happy to take it from u and find another person who cld enjoy it.
    There is also an environmental issue to take into consideration by tossing any animal out the window - if its not native to the area, it cld play havoc with the native animals and potentially be distructive to the whole environment.

    Please don't be impulsive or reckless.
  9. KLiK

    KLiK Member

    if you are looking to get rid of you tokay because of the tail i am willing to take it off of your hands just dont through it out the window.
  10. Gekkojoe

    Gekkojoe Embryo

    Any lizard that can drop it's tail has the ability to regenerate it.
  11. JStrider

    JStrider Embryo

    make sure you keep his cage extra clean and make sure to keep him extra well fed... he has to rebuild his tail... takes a lot outa them to lose their tails
  12. shrap

    shrap Embryo

    Sorry to hear about your gecko, HMWH. I hope he recovers well.
  13. shrap

    shrap Embryo

    Please folks, do not feed the trolls. Just ignore them and privately inform a mod. They will take care of it and the troll will not get his reward of getting responses to their obvious attempts to get attention. No attention, no trolls.
  14. GeckoKing_57

    GeckoKing_57 Embryo

    GEKKOJOE..... Nice Comment but your wrong....... Not every gecko that can drop it's tail can grow it back..... Luckaly the Tokays can..... Any gecko that has a prehensile tail .ex. A Crested, A cat gecko cant..... They are a couple out of about 40 geckos that can NOT grow their tails back after being dropped off. And for your Tokay...... The tail will grow back, a little different but it will come back.... Feed your gex alot of calcium, and maybe a few pinkies now and then, and in no time at all, the tail will be back
  15. KLiK

    KLiK Member

    dude he is saying that any lizard THAT CAN...meaning all of the lizard species that have the ability to grow the tail back. he is not saying all lizards can grow their tail back.
  16. oceanmachine

    oceanmachine Embryo

    sorry to bump an old thread, but you got trolled by this guy

    on another note, what is the regrowth speed? i just had my tokay drop her tail and was wondering how long it would take to get the tail to grow back to it's full regrown length

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