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    Ok So I have a All Living Things 24 inch strip light, 17 watt and 50 UVB that I place on the screen cover of my 40 gallon tank for a 14 inch beardie (rescue) who when basking ( and she basks a lot) is about 5 inches from the top. There is a nearby incandescent basking light there as well.

    I have been scouring the forums and the beardeddragon.com forum for info on this as I suddenly panicked that most were advocating a particular brand of UVB tube light and all kinds of problems had been identified with others. Nothing about this brand All Living Things- though I did get a nice post from a user on the beardeddragon forum who stated that it, in particular did not emit the correct light for beardies.

    I am looking for information and opinions. The "50" kind of freaks me out because most people say Reptisun 10 is all you need. But I keep thinking a single degree of emission bulb can't possibly cover ALL sizes of tanks....20, 30 ,40 and 55. Maybe repitsun makes a 20 or 30? I will look this up- kind of stream of consciousness now....If so...then what would be best for a 40 gallon tank in which she basks about 5 inches from top ?

    Thank you!!! 2014062195163200.jpg

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