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Discussion in 'Monitors & Tegus' started by Skullkeeper, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Skullkeeper

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    • i got a hatchling water monitor 3 weeks ago and he/she ate just fine the first two weeks but now wont eat (Ryujin) is very active and loves to be out we us and there is no visivable signs of injury and seem not to be skinny should i be worryed or is this the norm
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    It is normal for recently relocated reptiles to go through a fasting period, but it is odd that he would eat the first two weeks and then suddenly stop. Can you tell us more about your husbandry so that we may rule out anything that may be causing issues there? If you can at least answer these questions that should help:

    1.) What kind of setup do you have? (Cage size, glass or wood tank, substrate being used, etc.)
    2.) What are the basking and ambient temperatures?
    3.) What kind of thermometer are you using to get those temperatures? (Stick on, round gauge, mercury, digital with probe, temp gun)
    4.) What kind of heat source are you using? (CHE, incandescent white/red/blue bulb, heat pad/tape, MVB)
    5.) What kind of UVB light are you using? BE VERY SPECIFIC. What brand, strength, style--fluorescent, coiled, straight tube, MVB, etc. If you can post a link to the exact product or a picture of the packaging of the product you are using that would be great.
    6.) How far away is the UVB light from the basking spot?
    7.) What is the humidity in the cage?
    8.) What is/was he eating, or what was/is being offered? How much was he eating? Has he eaten since you last posted? What kind of vitamin/calcium supplements were you using?
    9.) When did he last poop? Was there anything irregular about his stool? (consistency, color, smell)
    10.) Any other details you think might be important? (behavior, appearance, anything at all)

    Try to get back to us on this and hopefully we can figure out what is causing his lack of appetite.

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  3. Skullkeeper

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    Hi and thanks for getting back to me he/she is donig great now very active and loves to get out and just hang with me. the enclosure is 4ftlong 2 ft deep 2ft hi made myself out of melamene my profile pic is his enclosure the substrate is soil/ sand mix as for basing & ambient temps. 125 & 85 to 90 just round stick on fo now till digital one comes in lighting and heating are 100 watt flood light and two red lights eating crickets, pinkie, and ground turkey no vitamins now eating crickets, and fuzzie i have try ed gold fish but wont give them a second look. If i left anything out please ask or just tell me cause i already love this little guy and would hate for anything to happen to him and his (i hope) name is Ryujin. P.S i just got two Nile monitors yesterday LLL REPTILES and they are doing great.
    Thank you

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