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Discussion in 'UK Forum' started by Axe, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. Axe

    Axe Embryo

    As some of you may have noticed, the site formerly at ReptileRooms.co.uk has been removed and you are now being forwarded here, to the .com.

    This decision has not come lightly and has been seriously considered for several weeks now. ReptileRooms.co.uk was just simply not as productive as it could've been and it was mostly being used & abused by some of the less upstanding members of the reptile community. Plus, many of the registered UK members were posting here on the .com anyway because they were getting a greater response to their requests for help, and advice.

    All of the UK content has been moved over to this website, except for the forum posts. I have backups of the UK database, and I will be going through it to check for anything I've missed.

    So, welcome, enjoy your chunk of ReptileRooms.com, and please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or issues with the site. ;)

    As with the other areas of the forum, please do not use this area to advertise animals for sale, or to offer to buy animals. This is not a classifieds :(
  2. raggamuffin

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    Hello everybody, just thought I'd be ther 1st Brit to post in our very own dedicated forum :) Well except for Axe that is but then He's not a brit :oops:
  3. Axe

    Axe Embryo

    Yes I am, I just don't live there any more ;)
  4. raggamuffin

    raggamuffin Embryo

    I know that, that's kinda what I ment you lucky dude sunning yourself out there in Florida.
  5. susyq

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    hi, and jeez it confused the hell out of me being directed here lol, but ho hum lets just see if we can get other brits posting on here, once again hello oh and if you read this axe, does that database include contacts from our private message boxes if so can you pass snakes details on to me cheers :)
  6. stevetims

    stevetims Embryo

    Hello, just found the site - never knew we had a UK one so not missing it.

    I have a Northern Pine snake, about 6 months old and 50cm and doing well. I am struggling a bit with temperatures - I am told she likes 88 degrees. I have a Perfecto (sliding door) glass vivarium (about a foot high, 30" wide and 16" deep) - I have hemp substrate and a heat mat under the glass, taped to the bottom of the viv with a foil covered rubber mat in the void. The thermostat reads 95 degrees and the thermometer in the tank varies a bit, I am told the glass can crack if it gets too hot, but the temp on the hemp (1cm deep) is 75-80, on the sheet of paper below it is 85-90

    A guy in a local reptile shop says I need a lamp by day (mat turned off) - but the 40w one he sold me doesn't seem to keep the temp on the hemp up above 80

    Should I use mat and bulb all the time (white bulb or red), should the hemp be deeper or shallower or gone, does it matter (to the snake) if it is 75 or 80 or 88 degrees - I have a single female and am not planning to breed - she is the family pet

    She is a brilliant eater and wolfs her food down and is much less jumpy (than when I 1st got her) and enjoys being held, but does not grip tightly like a friends baby Corn does

    She likes to sit in her hot house, rarely using the cool one, she is quite active during the evenings and will wander round - she feels cool when I pick her up but I have warm hands most of the time

    Do they like hides with low ceilings they can really snuggle in to or more airy ones?

    I have read heaps but these are questions I have not been able to locate answers for - and I am sure in time I will get to know what she likes / doesn't, but for now.....

    Confused of Bristol.
  7. My Two Penneth Worth,
    Hi my names Ben,I'm a regular on Pogona,Beardies Anonymous, Beardies_UK and Bearded Dragon Community Yahoo Forums.I kinda know Axe by name thru PamTangredi and a few others on these sites.Congrats to a wicked site and maybe I can join U one night for some live chatting.
    Oooohh nearly forgot-Here,here's 2p:p P!! :)

    Ben And Mojo (Red Phase Beardie)
  8. gemandy

    gemandy Embryo

    ziggy is a bit mad

    hi everyone hope you can help i have a beardy called ziggy,had him now for about 3 months and he is about 5 months old,i hold him every day and he eats out of my hands but quite oftern he tries to escape from me and he also does not like baths, he seems to want to come out of his viv and sometime is chilled but most of the time tries getting back in the viv if he sees it, does he not like me or should he grow out of it ? thanks for any tips anyone may have
  9. gemandy

    gemandy Embryo

    RE: ziggy is a bit mad

    sorry i think i posted this question in the wronge place still quite new at it,
  10. Just_Some_Guy

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    RE: ziggy is a bit mad

    its ok. we all make misstakes
  11. python_dude

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    RE: ziggy is a bit mad

    hi i just found this uk site i think its great that we have our own little bit for brits well thats all

    ps any body know where i can get large cheap boa breeding boxes in scotland
  12. glowgirl

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    :) Hi python_dude and welcome to the forum :wink: Sorry that I can't help with the breeding boxes ... BUT ... I'm sure someone on here will know :wink: Hope you enjoy your time here :D

    Big Welcome Hug's ...... Glowgirl xxx
  13. reptilicious

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    hey guys im new and also from uk
  14. 00luke00

    00luke00 Well-Known Member

    Hey, and welcome! Whereabouts in the UK you from?
  15. Leopardgran

    Leopardgran New Member

    Sorry to be so thick erm - how do i post a new thread on here or is it simply fill in the next box like what I've just done lol. I'm from Leicester UK by the way - HI :)
  16. YourChameleon

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    Well seems very quiet around here. Just looking around to see if there are any more chameleon lovers round here.

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