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    hello Room
    We'll I have told ya'll
    about how big my spooks is, and how much he weighs. and how long he is.
    well I had him out a few days back and this boy has reached a new all time
    length, he has hit a all new length. of 4 foot 11 inches.
    my eyes bugged out and paniced. so I wrote ssscales and he did recommend me to
    resex all my snakes he has patiently guided me through some questions, he knows his stuff
    . cause spooks is a huge male. I wasnt sure if I should put him through this
    so now that I have rechecked all 4 snakes.
    yes spooks is way to big for a male. after 5 years and 2 vets and me checking him as a baby
    spooks is now called spookset, boy do I feel stupid.she is one big girl. lol.
    tini tim I named right. male
    zapper is a male not a female
    and poor scardy cat is a female.
    to all that tried to tell me there were something a miss. thank you. so now at the end of the month
    I will have 3 females 3 males. and I know what ones are truely male and female. for at all ages,I
    popped them and I now know for sure what a female looks like and male. plusss I probed them.
    they dont like it when they are big but was gental.
    enjoy the laugh ya'll.

    ps. put this post in the wrong room. put it inthe python room a few days ago lol.

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    Well congrats on figuring it all out!! Almost like you have a new family!! Hope they dont get snake complexes about this.......lol :(

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