Whats your ball python name?

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Mr_Goth, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. jcopela3

    jcopela3 Embryo

    orion is my ball pythons name
  2. ashcrowz

    ashcrowz Embryo

    My balls name is Aurora.. after the northern lights becuase hes orange and yellow.. missing quite a few colors lol
  3. j49

    j49 Embryo

    MY B.P. is named Lexy, it means protector of mankind.... idk its cute and powerful lol :(
  4. BPelizabeth

    BPelizabeth Embryo

    The cutest girl in the world is Elizabeth!! Don't ask me how she got that name.....she was a birthday present for my son and he saw her and said, "Oh Elizabeth you are so pretty".

    I think I might have to rename her cornball because she is quite the funny python. :)
  5. hanahbanana

    hanahbanana Embryo

    Mines name is Selena :)
  6. My ball pythons name is Symba from my fav disney movie Lion King! its a boy!! he is sooo sweet! but he got attacked bye his own food, but that was with the prev. owner
  7. michael23

    michael23 Embryo

    hey im new on this and i just got a ball phython he is just a baby right now and his name is diesel
  8. WwhitewolfF

    WwhitewolfF Embryo

    My larger Ball Pythons name is Le Fey

    and my smaller baby is Morgana :( there both perfect angels! or...not, depending on the day
  9. Elzamine

    Elzamine Embryo

    I just got my first ball python, it's name is Vidiri :(
  10. ajlista

    ajlista Well-Known Member

    Me and my dads is named amanda :(
  11. Nash, around liek 6 years old
  12. usarmywife

    usarmywife Embryo

    we just got ours and i named her Bertha
  13. ajlista

    ajlista Well-Known Member

    Just rescued another! We named her Samantha
  14. BigS06

    BigS06 Embryo

    Chiyo :)
  15. crissybac

    crissybac Embryo

    Sorsha, Alex, Canny (cannibal), Ethan Elora (identity issues), and Tome'
  16. dogking

    dogking HOTM Winner September

    hey, my BP's name is neil cafrey (from the TV show White Collar)
  17. Bethany

    Bethany Embryo

    Her name is Karma <3
  18. crayfishguy

    crayfishguy Embryo

    my new bp (bought from Bob Clark at narbc reptile expo on halloween) is named Eclipse

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    Lessley - The lesser (female) 09

    Penny - The Pewter (female) 09

    Buzz - The Bumblebee (male) 09

    Peter - The lesser Pastel (male) 10

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    Cindy - The Cinnamon (female) 08

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    Fattie - HUGE Normal (female) - name is not deragatory, I love her = ) 07

    Missy - Another big Normal (Female) 08

    Still thinking up appropriate names for a couple of others = ) I liked naming them based on their morph LOL
  20. gemangel1789

    gemangel1789 Embryo

    Males: Charlie, Angelis, Caesar, Eric

    Females: Misty, Ruby, Jade, Eddie, Sangera, Viper, Piper

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