Why the Chinese Water Dragon makes an amazing companion

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by winterborn, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. winterborn

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    And I choose the word ’companion’ with care.

    1. They are the cutest, especially when juvies.
    2. They make great friends. Spend time with them and show them your affection and they’ll show it back. Trust plays a major part with these guys. They may be a bit shy at first, but the more trust you show them, the more they’ll learn to trust you and will sit on you respectively when you’re busy lol
    3. They are better entertainment than watching tv or playing games. If well cared for they can be quite active creatures and never fail to keep me amused at the best of times ^_^
    4. The longer you spend with them, the more you get to know them. Not many wild creatures like these come with their own personality and they will always continue to let you know what they like and what they dislike - For example, my Godzilla has a thing for fluff :-/ I cant say thats a good thing though lol
    5. I may be completely mad, but you can talk to them and i swear they understand you :D

    These are just 5 points of why i think that my two babies make just as good a pet as any dog or cat in just the 4 months of owning Godzilla and then Fayte and I look forward to the many years I have of learning so much more about them.

    I’m sure many of you would like to contribute to this why you love your WD’s and i’d love to see what you have to add.

    (dont ask why i did this, i just felt like it ^_^)

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  3. Virginia

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    Aww that's so sweet! ;) So many people consider reptiles impersonal pets, but it's just not true! I'm in the market for a mdeium-sized rep, i just might consider a water dragon!

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  5. commanderoz

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    i love my water dragon a lot, ive spent over $500 on my juvie. hes the only friend i'll ever need and i agree with what you say. but i think there better than cats and dogs. my lizard sleeps with me, but sadly he has to got to the vet tomorrow. damn cat! :cry:

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