Your Wishlist Snakes?

Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by tjhallock, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Just_Some_Guy

    Just_Some_Guy Embryo

    I think you have somethings which you need to talk about.

    I think I might get a new bp as well
  2. reako45

    reako45 Embryo

    Hah! I can't believe I didn't post on this thread when it first went up. Must've overlooked it. My wish list... Hmmm. Pretty simple; 1)Mexican Black King
    2)Candoia paulsoni
    3)African Brown House snakes
    4)Male Children's python
    5)Desert Kinsnake!

    I think that's it, til I go to the next show and see something cool or see something mind blowin' @ in the classifieds.

  3. merchant

    merchant Embryo

    Green Tree Python
  4. wideglide

    wideglide Well-Known Member

    Definitely a GTP!!!!!!

    Carpet Python too!

    Black Headed Python and a Woma are up there on my list too!
  5. VtMiPgYeRr

    VtMiPgYeRr New Member

    So in the next few years do you think prices will drop for pieds? If not, how much damage do you think I can bring all breeders by selling them for like $800? Hehe

    My list:
    1. Pied (should be producing my own in a couple of years.)
    2. Creamsicle x Okeetee Corn
    I don't think I have a #3
  6. rosy

    rosy Embryo

    Diamond python
    so gorgeous, so hard to find, and a little big for my taste...but sooooooo tempting
  7. _Devastate_

    _Devastate_ Embryo

    mine are boring :D

    1. Lavender King
    2. Black King
    3. Royal Python
  8. j9

    j9 Embryo

    Black mexican king snake
    Okeetee corn
    Leopard rat snake (I think is the right name)
    king snake I'm geting next month for my birthday, the others will have to wait 'til I track them down
  9. BSB

    BSB Embryo

    A Carpet and a Green Tree Python is what I want :D
  10. elums

    elums Embryo

    Nothing really special for me.
    1. Corn Snake
    2. Rosy Boa
    3. Sand Boa
    I will be getting one of these after the first of the year, just not sure of which one. :roll:
  11. Just one for now, a female Moellendorff Rat Snake. That would make my daughter sooooo happy, we can't find a mate in uk for her male.
  12. fpc40

    fpc40 Embryo

    first:all the elaphidae familie
    2cond:draco volans
    you pick 3d
  13. 1. Snow Corn(getting very soon!)
    2. Lavender Blood Red Corn(actually solid purple but 1,000USD a piece!)
    3. Kenyan Sand Boa(probably wont happen but a girl can dream right?)
    4. Motley Amel. Corn(goregous and is very possible)
  14. luxie

    luxie Embryo

    My wish list is in two parts, first reptiles i WILL own one day and second is my dream list of reptiles we can't keep here in Australia.

    * Bells Phase Lace Monitor
    * Perentie Monitor
    * Hypomelanistic Bredli Python
    * Olive Python
    * Diamond Python (they will be arriving in 2 weeks)
    * Green Tree Python

    * Green Iguana
    * Komodo Dragon
    * Emerald Boa
    * Caramel Ball Python
  15. Artuin

    Artuin Embryo

    Top 3

    My top three is:

    1. Albino Carpet Python
    2. Albino Ball Python
    3. Ball Python

    Can anyone tell me the cage and cage comparason, like how big the cage has to be for a snake.


    Artuin :)
  16. Ash19

    Ash19 Embryo

    RE: Top 3

    Depends what kind of snake you're referring to.
  17. herpfreak

    herpfreak Embryo

    RE: Top 3

    female & male albino spider burmese pythons
  18. baller2413

    baller2413 Embryo

    wish list

    1. Western Hognose
    2. Dumerils boa
    3. Albino boa
    4. Regular burm
    5. Red boa (these things are like not for slae yet there so rare)
  19. Skunky

    Skunky Embryo

    I'd give my eye teeth for 1) ETB, 2) leucistic Ball Python or 3) Mojave Ball Python. Anyone willing to dispense with theirs? :D
  20. Janice

    Janice Embryo

    I would like an albino ball python, and a jungle carpet python. I've probably already said this :(

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