Your Wishlist Snakes?

Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by tjhallock, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. teiryklav

    teiryklav Member

    for my wishlist i'd like blood python (its a medium sized STRONG snake,, i mean it! a 6' blood can beat 12' burm!)

    and second a kenyan sand boa, thats cute

    and third maybe lemon pastel BP, Sunglow/pastel albino boa, and last maybe a carpet python (irian jaya)
  2. Crazy4Herps

    Crazy4Herps Hooked on Reptiles

    1. Brazilian rainbow boa (coming true this spring!!!)
    2. more ball pythons
    3. short-tail python (Blood, Borneo, Sumatra)
    4. sand boa of some sort
    5. red tail boa
    6. Many, many, many more!
  3. LotteQ

    LotteQ Embryo

    1. Green burm
    2. Blood python
    3. Black-headed python
    4. Viper boa
  4. jflizi1458

    jflizi1458 Embryo

    I would love to have
    1. Albino Lavender Reticulated Python
    2. Irian Jaya Jaguar Carpet Python
    3. Genetic Striped Albino Boa
  5. Shanna66

    Shanna66 Well-Known Member

    even though this thread is really old lol

    reticulated python
    horned viper
    eyelash viper

    but i dont have the upper arm strength to get the first one and i still have years and years of trianing and research before i get into venomous reptiles.
  6. BooBah

    BooBah Embryo

    This is a tough question since i want so many snake but my top three are:

    Red-tail boa
    Albino retic
    Africa rock python
  7. M.Mata77

    M.Mata77 New Member

    Already have the first two.
    My retic
    My okekee corn
    Would love to get a brazilian rainbow boa.

    Unfortunately the wife says four snakes and three beardys is enough
  8. JoshSnakeman

    JoshSnakeman New Member

    D'albertis python, olive python, eastern diamond back

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